Lighting is no longer just a way to illuminate buildings and streets. Technological advances have resulted in new uses and new benefits that have elevated lighting to a whole new role. They’ve also provided building, construction and design executives the opportunity to upgrade their lighting in ways that can significantly increase energy savings, productivity and safety.

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                      WESCO Lighting offers an unparalleled level of support, expertise and experience that can help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your retrofit project:

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                      • Backed by the reliability and 100 years of experience offered by global leader WESCO
                      • The most advanced technology available
                      • 24/7 customer support
                      • Thousands of retrofit projects completed across North America

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                      THE BENEFITS OF RETROFIT

                      Reduce Energy Consumption

                      Depending on the application, the reduction in lighting load alone can be up to 50% or more. Advanced control strategies can often reduce consumption an additional 40% or more. In addition, because LED lighting typically reduces the number of fixtures required, further cost savings result by decreasing product purchases.

                      Rapid ROI

                      With the use of rebates and proper ECM selection, ROI investments can be brought down to under two years. Cash flow is usually positive immediately upon project completion.


                      Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs

                      New, longer life products require less periodic maintenance and extend the time between relamp/retrofit expenses. Lighting controls can track occupancy rate and times to improve savings on cleaning and housekeeping costs.

                      Maximize Utility Rebates

                      In many cases, rebates can pay for large portions of any given project. Given that many have expiration dates, this step should be taken early in the process.


                      Improve Site Safety

                      Improving light levels in low light and hazardous areas can decrease the potential for accidents and create safer work environments for customers and staff.

                      Increase Productivity

                      By ensuring that light levels and color temperatures are adequate and appropriate to the task being performed, LED lighting has been shown to improve employee productivity. It’s even possible to accommodate personal employee preference with individual light levels and color adjustments.

                      Integrate with Building Management Systems

                      Retrofits are often compatible with BACnet and Niagara AX protocol, and many lighting control systems have Tstat capabilities for increased savings where no central BMS is present. Lighting occupancy stats can also be used to achieve HVAC set back optimization.


                      WESCO Lighting’s broad range of services and solutions enable customers to work with a single resource from audit through implementation – or any step along the way. Key activities include:

                      Preliminary Assessment

                      • Product review and sampling
                      • Budget analysis
                      • Financing and performance contract options
                      • Rebates and grant opportunity overview
                      • Online “minute survey” for national accounts

                      Investment Grade Audit

                      • Experienced field audit organization
                      • Detailed data capture
                      • Reliable product recommendations
                      • Accurate installation cost estimates

                      Project Analysis

                      • Specification based on audit findings
                      • “Good, Better, Best” solutions based on initial cost, energy savings and customer preference
                      • Savings break out by load, controls impact and maintenance cost
                      • Verification of rebate eligibility and availability


                      • Full-service turnkey provider
                      • Grant writing and rebate administration
                      • Contractor review and selection
                      • Dedicated project management team
                      • Seamless logistics for delivery, staging and recycling
                      • Daily progress reports

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